Profile: Photographer Vishal Seth

Vishal Seth
Vishal Seth,
(Fashion and Celebrity Photographer)
Mumbai. INDIA

Vishal Seth name does not require any intro in the sphere of Fashion, Portfolio & Advertising photography in India. Born and brought up in Udaipur, Rajasthan, Currently based in Mumbai started photography as a hobby while working.

Vishal genuine approach to photography combined with beauty and glamour is what distinguishes his individual Style.

He have been constantly setting High level standards in Fashion and Advertising circuit in India. Vishal Seth with a short span of 3 years, started in the year 2008, has been able to develop a versatile collection of Fashion, Portfolio, Jewellery, Magzine photographs.
Major specialisation has been in fashion and people photoraphy, though his collection still comprises of travel and product photographs that depict their own identity in a unique way.

"Go ahead!"

As I dream of becoming a Top photographer, I often look to the best-of-the-best for Inspiration. What always seems to be true – no matter who we are – we all come from different Backgrounds, different Trainings, different Interests and Experiences that will ultimately shape our Style of work.